Never choose between your passion and your health ever again.


You’re ambitious but feel held back by your health. Your condition affects you differently every single day, but you can count on it affecting you every single day. You're afraid that your illness has made you lazy and that the only way you can pursue your passion is by compromising your health. But I’m here to tell you that that’s not the case: you have stories to share, even if you’re only able to do it from your bed. Let me show you how.


about me

Hi! I’m Nisha, and I’m a creative coach and writer. I help women living with health limitations — such as chronic illness and mental health challenges — work on a passion project, such as a business, book or podcast. 

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1:1 creative coaching intensive

The 1:1 Creative Coaching Intensive is an eight-week engagement. I’ll teach you how to: work with your health limitations and let go of self-limiting mindsets; organize and get started on the project you’re most passionate about; and share your POV with killer content.

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real talk & radical encouragement

real talk & radical encouragement is my weekly newsletter where I share personal stories and tips to help you stay positive, motivated and meaningfully productive while prioritizing your self-care and chasing your dreams. 

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Nisha is professional, so intelligent, focused, clear about the market and full of heart.

— Jessica Christian, The Lucky Penny Project