Happy Clients

Nisha is professional, so intelligent, focused, clear about the market and full of heart.
— Jessica Christian, The Lucky Penny Project

Nisha, thank you for helping me “own” my work. I owe my renewed confidence in writing and editing solely to you.

— Anjali Neelakantan, Okapi Research & Advisory


Nisha was very knowledgeable about her field and provided helpful and clear strategies that will advance our online presence by a million miles!

— Liliana Grip, Northwest School for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children


I have had the opportunity to work with Nisha on a few projects and she is amazing! Specifically, she is able to help you balance creativity and organization. I have a tendency to go crazy with lots of ideas, but Nisha helps me stay focused. Her magically organized and efficient way can [help you] produce something better than what you thought was possible!

— Sayume Romero, student


I found Nisha to be personable, honest, and professional — a demeanor that put me at ease immediately. With her fresh, knowledgeable perspective, Nisha helped me clarify my professional objectives while providing information I can put to use to achieve them. I’d recommend her to anyone that is looking to identify his or her professional destination and the path how to get there.

— Jamie Twitchel, writer


Nisha definitely got my creative thinking cap on and provided strategies I can begin to work on immediately with little-to-no stress or pressure. She was…able to quickly respond to all of the challenges I raised. AND she was fun and pleasant to speak with. A win for me! 

— May Banfa, Author of But, This Is China!


Nisha has a way of both understanding where you’re coming from and discerning where you want to be; the conversations are never one-sided. It has been most helpful to have a sounding board for ideas and strategies, both personally and professionally, that have been able to encourage my persistence in building up my social media skills… More of our partners have been able to resonate with our brand as per the recommendations she has given. 

— Joseph Kolapudi, Frontier Ventures


Nisha was so easy to speak with and offered valuable insight that boosted our confidence in creating our content. We definitely reference our notes and even quote her in many recent discussions.

— Chris Nieto, Qobe Group

What sets Nisha apart from other…strategists is her ability to communicate… She goes beyond expectations, possessing a superb ability to communicate well with her client so that her work can truly make an impact. Her ability to clearly understand our needs, develop and execute a directed plan, her accessibility, focus, positive attitude, collaborative approach and professional skills have made the process of working with Nisha a pure pleasure!

— Caren Rifkin, Jayme's Fund for Social Justice


Working with Nisha provided our company with more knowledge about communications than we expected. She was spot on with her recommendations and adapted to our changing environment, allowing us to move forward quickly. 

— Gustavo Viegas Rodrigues, Edge Brasil


Nisha’s insights clarified some of the worries we have had about our message and story, and brought up new ones we have not thought about yet. We keep returning to her insights when discussing messaging and communications strategy.

— Igor Holas, Mentegram

Nisha [was] a great project manager, making sure deliverables stayed on schedule, and was very flexible when it came to incorporating feedback from multiple stakeholders. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!

— Leslie King, Campus Y


Nisha not only delivered the results that were documented in [our] work plan, but also lots of additional, useful information. I see being able to communicate Grow Foundation’s mission and values in a much clearer way during the next six months. I loved Nisha’s energy and commitment to me as her [client]!

— Michael Robinson, The Grow Foundation for Ghana


Nisha combines brilliant writing skills with a deep knowledge of social media marketing and branding — a rare combination of talent, determination and vision. She brings a positive attitude and optimism to all of my projects, inspiring me to do my best. Working with Nisha is serious fun[!]

— Phillip Romero, The smART Peace Prize

I have had the pleasure of receiving mentorship, career advice, academic advice and communicative critique from Nisha…through[out] my career journey from high school to college, and then from college to [the present]. I would never be able to compete the way I did if it weren’t for her attention to detail, articulation, and her fresh and powerful ability to effectively communicate and identify goals…I would recommend Nisha ahead of anyone, in a heartbeat.

— Pragya Pandey


As one who is just starting in the world of blogging, having the opportunity to meet with Nisha was INVALUABLE! I was able to discuss my obstacles and growing pains, and she responded by providing me with manageable solutions that showed me the way forward. She also provided insight on a number of resources that can assist in streamlining my current processes, all of which I would have never known existed if it weren’t for her. Besides being insanely knowledgeable about business strategy, she is also personable and approachable. Working with Nisha was a true pleasure! Thank you!

— Marc Francisque, blogger